Thursday, May 16, 2013

4 Month Shots

We really need to be better at keeping up with the blog....

The wee one is doing well. We are very happy with her and surprised every day at how fast she learns and develops. We've missed a lot of blog updating. Today I woke up early, ran to the dentist, and got a gold crown put in. I feel like a pirate. Then I ran home to pick up baby and Amber for Lotte's four month appointment. She was genteel and polite, smiling at the nurses and doctors as she was poked and prodded. We took her weight (15 lbs 15 oz), her length (26 inches), and head measurement. When Dr. Neigal came in she said, "Whoa, are you sure this is her four month checkup?" Yes. Yes, we are. 96th Percentile height and 91st weight. We love her lots.

As it drew nearer to the time for her shots. Amber plugged her ears. The nurse wedged Lotte's legs between the nurse's torso and the table and asked that I hold her hands. Lotte looked at me, trustingly, but worried. Then came the shots - 1, 2, 3 - followed by band-aids. There was instant shock in her eyes, but it took a moment for the pain to sweep across her little reddening face. She had been betrayed and lied to. How could you dad? I lifted her up and cuddled her tight. Amber and I clothed her, then strapped her into her car seat. By the time I grabbed the rubber handle and spanned the four paces to the door. She was fine. With every step leading away from Exam Room 6, her pain and fear melted away.

She truly is a champ and blessing.


Heather R. Toone said...

I LOVE that picture of her in the car seat after her shots. What a cutie.