Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let me introduce you to my little Lotte...

In case you've never met Lotte, here she is:

We haven't been too great at adding pictures lately ... or any blog update. So I thought I'd dump a couple of photos online.

Lotte's done a lot of her firsts. She's rolled over, ate real food, had two teeth already, she's pretty excited.

It's been hard to see her grow up so fast. She's starting to understand the funniest things. She is also very attentive.

We are a little biased, but we thing she is the cutest babe of all time.

High-five little Lotte... this picture is a little older, but it's a good one none-the-less. 

Have I mentioned how great of a mother Amber is? I mean, look at her. This is what she looks like when she is taking care of Lotte. It's hard to not stare, right? She's just so good looking.