Saturday, February 23, 2013

Home Update

So, we are finally getting our house refinanced. We'e been working on it here and there, but still have a long way to go. An appraiser came this morning to give us a value of the home. We won't know until later, but tentatively he gave us a number that made us pretty happy.

Right now I'm holding Lotte with one hand and typing with the other (I'm sure all of you parents can identify). I got pretty good at this a couple of years ago when I broke my hand.

Anywho, without further adieu - our home.

We got the ottoman that Amber made (she tied the springs and everything) from Allyn's House. And you can see some of our new furniture - and Lotte. The pups are super shaggy, they have an appointment next Thursday to get trimmed.

Amber's wreath she made a couple of years ago, there's a close up below. You can also see the new quilt rack I gave Amber with some of the quilts my mom has made us.

Ooh la la, them are some pretty quilts. Thanks mom!

Lotte's room, you can barely see the new light fixture. You can see the new lamp, dresser, and new to us rocking chair - plus we painted and repaired the walls. **New wood floors coming soon compliments of Workman Flooring**

The bedroom is a work in progress, but it's coming along.

Especially since we wall mounted a tv in there. I need to hide the wires in the wall. As always, I have the materials already, just trying to find the time.

Another wreath Amber made.

Here's the close up I promised.

My favorite mirror in the house - and we have a lot hanging up.

Here are some views of the kitchen.

We still need something to hold some of our cleaning supplies back there.

And finally a view of our office space.

We still have quite a bit of more spaces to transform. We hope to finish the downstairs family room this year (and get a sweet entertainment system flush-mounted in the walls)

I'll end by throwing up a picture of Lotte's pretty eyes.

How can you not love that?


The Hoovers said...

I love your kitchen. Baby is cute too!

The Hoovers said...

This is Amanda Pratt, btw. Not sure why it showed up as " the hoovers"

Heather R. Toone said...

Looks really good. I LOVE the color of Lottie"s room!