Monday, February 4, 2013

Little Babe

So... obviously things have changed since our last post. We had the baby! Well ... Amber had the baby. I was just there for moral support. We have been meaning to put something up for a couple of weeks (since she is now three weeks old today.) But, we just haven't found time yet. We have a journal blog (that we keep to ourselves) that we have been updating, but nothing for So here is a quick update and some Aowah proprietary pictures that you wont see on Facebook.

Lotte is a little snuggler.
 As you can see, Lotte is quite the snuggler. But, she is like her dad and doesn't get cold very easily. She hates having things on her hands and feet. She also doesn't appreciate tummy time most of the time. Anyway, because she likes to have free feet, we put her in layettes most of the time - or she spends her time kicking all night, until we find her in the morning in a ball with empty sleeves and legs. She also does this startling "turtle" move where she arches her back, juts out her chin, and throws back her head in an attempt to escape the warm body below - and for a newborn she can raise herself quite far.

Dad also grew a three week beard. Mom didn't think it could be done, so dad proved her wrong. (Leaving third person) I then had to shave it quite promptly because I felt like a dirty old man (and I had to go meet some important business contact in Vegas.) You can see by my face that we were quite tired getting used to the baby transition.

The dogs are adjusting quite well. I still give them ample amounts of loving - so they're chill. London has started standing next to the wee one acting as a sentry or guard.

 This is when we know that Charlotte is quite asleep. She puts her dukes up. Quite often her hands will relax and open, then it looks like she is doing moose antlers.

In summation, we are quite happy and pleased to have such a perfect and well tempered baby girl. We have a lot of plans for the year and hopefully they'll happen. But even if they don't, we have Charlotte who give meaning to the phrase, "Bundle of Joy."


Heather R. Toone said...

Woohoo! A post! She is so cute! I think that we are all feeling better here at the Toones. I have not been coughing for a week or so now :) We will come visit soon!!

Sam said...

We were at mom and dad's on Sunday.