Monday, December 3, 2012

Just a quick update

I'd like to preface this message with the fact that I am using my Nexus 7 to write this post. I'm sitting watching Amber get a massage at Body & Soul Message in Orem. We are starting to get really excited about our new baby. Why won't she just come out already? The last couple of months have been eventful. There have been some big changes at work hopefully making us able to have Amber stay home with little Charlotte.

We have lost a couple loved ones these past few months as well - my Aunt Heidi, Uncle Gary, Mission President's wife, and the stake President who sent me on my mission. I ended up singing at all of the funerals, it was getting pretty rough.

Things we have done to the house this summer: put in a new fence - that fenced the whole yard, put in a doggie door, rewired our second baby room and replaced the light fixture, carpeted the basement, organized all of our junk, and moved the office to the basement.

Things we have to finish before baby comes in 6 weeks: patch and fill holes in sheetrock upstairs in order to paint, rip out second bedroom carpet and replace with wood, redo the mudroom, get furniture for Charlotte's room, get furniture for the basement, rake the leaves.

I'll add pictures later.

We are all done with Christmas shopping and are now finally budgeting to pay off baby next month. Hopefully between insurance and our financial plan we can have the baby paid off in 6 months.

In other news I'm doing a couple of websites on the side. One is finished - The other two are lacking content, but are setup just right and waiting for their owners to provide their meat and potatoes. You can check them out at and  Let me know what you think if you have time.

Wish us luck.