Monday, April 30, 2012

An Ode to Diet Coke

So most people know that I, Amber love Diet Coke. As I type this I am sipping 32oz of fountain dc goodness. (Thanks EveLon!) Actually I do have my brother- and sister-in-law to thank. On Sunday Lon mentioned that he was going to go off soda May 1 - May 25, his birthday. I thought to myself, that is a great goal. Well I have been thinking and all that thinking led me to one conclusion... I am going to take the challenge!

Like I said before I LOVE Diet Coke. I used to drink at least 32oz a day but within the last year have cut back to 12-24oz a day. I just ran out of Diet Coke at my house and figured now was the time to show myself who is boss. I don't need no stinking soda. I say that now but I am really weak and in about 3 days I will be wistfully day dreaming of a fountain dc and trying to convince myself not to buy one.

If anyone out there would like to join our challenge feel free, and I am here if you need some moral support.

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Heather R. Toone said...

wow! That is a BIG step!!!! How long are you going to go off of it? I don't drink soda, so I was trying to think what I could go off of- and it came down to chocolate. But I don't think I'm ready for the plunge yet! I will have to think about it for another day and I might join you!