Monday, June 15, 2015

Officially a Family of Four

So much has changed in our little world in the past 3 months. The last month of pregnancy was super rough on everyone. I am so grateful for all the family and friends who helped me get through those days. Luckily we made it through and our little Lucie was worth it.

I don't want to post a long involved version of her birth story on here but here's what happened in a nut shell:

Due to our insurance changing midnight Feb 28 we had been trying desperately to hold off having the baby until March 1. After 2 weeks of slow back labor, on Saturday, Feb 28 my water broke and that was the point of no return. Sam rushed around like a crazy person collecting all the stuff, getting Lotte in the car and calling my mom to meet us at the hospital. We drove between 70-100 mph the whole way to Lone Peak Hospital, flashing our lights and making illegal turns (luckily the hospital was covered by both insurances). When we arrived no one was at the front desk so Sam got a wheelchair then pushed me up to labor and delivery while carrying Lotte. We had actually never been to that hospital before and just made really lucky guesses on where to go. As we got to the doors and buzzed in they asked what we were there for, I may have yelled "We're having a baby!" in a crazy contraction pain voice. From the time I arrived until baby came was only 20 mins, we were just lucky we didn't have her in the parking lot. Lotte was able to hold her within mins of her being born. We call it the drive-thru labor.

Yes I did it natural, yes that was the craziest most painful experience of my life. Thank heavens for amazing nurses and a midwife that I had never met before that day. I was truly blessed.

Lucie is so perfect and so beautiful. We just love her sweet little personality. She is so easy going and happy all the time. Not to mention her amazing ability to sleep for hours at a time. We really lucked out. Lotte is obsessed with her and would smother her with kisses all day if I let her.

These were our attempts at newborn photos, sadly we decided to take them the one time she wasn't tired at all. She wasn't a big fan of the whole process.

Sister love is so fun.

We have been trying to do lots of fun things. This is a selfie at the zoo on the carousel and Lotte trying on new clothes while jumping on the bed.

On May 24th we blessed Lucie at Grandma and Grandpa's home. It was a beautiful day spent with people we love and care about. Grandma Marylou made the gorgeous dress and I made the matching headband.

We sure do love these two pretty girls and all they do to make our life full of joy, frustration, love, patience and just a little bit of crazy.


Unknown said...

Grateful for amazing, cute, lovable family!

Heather R. Toone said...

The blessing outfit and headband was so cute! I loved this post. I can't believe how fast she came!