Friday, January 9, 2015

It's Snow Fun

We recently learned that Lotte does not like snow.... not on her boots, not on her hands, not on her coat. You can see her expression progress in the following photos. She quickly goes from happy to very upset. 

Even after this little photo session I still decided to take her sledding with her cousins. I didn't have all the right gear but we made it work and thankfully Aunt Michelle bought a little blow up sled that kept her completely out of the snow. We pulled her around like a little snow princess all bundled up in a blanket. Michelle and Grandma took turns pulling her part way up the hill and she did love that. But heaven forbid any of the snow get on her.

If you can't tell Lotte loves scarves. She won't wear a hat but she will wear a scarf and one of those ear headbands. She just looks so stinking grown up, it kills me.

We had a fabulous Christmas and wish that all the out of town family could have stayed longer, it sure was fun to have so many play mates for Lotte and to catch up with people. Can't wait to see them all again, hopefully sooner rather than later.


Unknown said...

Loved every minute!!

Heather R. Toone said...

Okay I think that was your cutest post! I loved the progression! Priceless pictures. I stared at them for a while. haha... so so so stinking cute!