Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Little L is Becoming Big L

Lotte is starting to really cruise in the growing up department. It's sad to see her get bigger and leave the squishy little baby phase. Her conversational and deductive skills are really starting to take off. And she is just so darn curious. We sure love her very much and are looking forward to having our second little girl Lucy.

We went to the Living Aquarium with my sibblings and their kids. Lotte loved it. She loves looking at fishes. But, she has a hard time holding someone's hand. So that means the fact that she wants to be down and walking around is hard to be around large crowds. But she's easy enough to wrangle it's not that big of a deal - until she gets close to nap time.

She's also very stylish. I mean ... look at those shoes.

All in all, we don't have much going on. Just work and a little home renovation. From here on out we'll eagerly wait our second 'wee one to come.