Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Fun

The summer has been busy and fun but it means I haven't kept up on my blogging. So here is a catch up blog article about some of the fun things that have happened in July and August.

While my sister and her kids were here in July I took a day off work and we all headed to the zoo. I couldn't believe all the changes at Hogle Zoo, I don't think I had been to the zoo in like 10 years. The day was long and hot but a lot of fun. Here is a picture of my favorite, the giraffes, such awkwardly delightful creatures.

At the beginning of August we had a family trip planned to Yellowstone but when the trip fell through the whole family decided to spend the vacation days together and see the local sights. We spent time in the mountains, swimming, eating yummy food, cooking dutch oven dinners, and visiting the Kennecot Copper Mine.

My mom and I went out for gelatto in Daybreak. When we arrived they were having a vintage car show. After getting our huge waffle cones with raspberry and Mediterranean citrus gelatto, we wandered through the rows of cars. I snapped a lot of great photos including on of this delightful powder blue MG.

This past weekend we spent camping by Bear Lake with a bunch of friends. I haven't been camping for probably 8-10 years. The whole thing was quite an adventure but lots of fun. We stopped to get shakes at a local place and I had to snap a picture of our reflection while we waited for our order.

Of course a dog had to be mentioned somehow, so here is a silly picture of Chief. I turned around the other day and caught him lounging on the couch like a human. It was a little strange but too cute.