Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fix Masseau

So a lot of crazy exciting things have been happening in our world. We have baby number one on the way. I was recently put in as my ward's Primary President. Still working 40 hours a week. My sister and her kids were in town for the summer. Life has been busy.

In the middle of all this busy-ness was my birthday. We made real big plans... sleep in, eat at Chuck-a-rama for lunch (love their mac n'cheese) and hang out with my family. Sam slipped in a little surprise after lunch, but it requires a little back story...

While we were on our honeymoon in Maui we happened to wander into a vintage poster shop in Lahaina. The art deco was to die for, I love art deco posters. The guy running the shop took the time to show us a particular set of vintage posters by Fix Masseau for the Orient Express (see images in the collection). Sadly we could not afford the whole set but we did splurge and purchased one poster, so spoiled.

The poster showed up a week after we returned from the honeymoon and we fell in love with it all over again. Sadly we were poor newly married kids with not enough money to get the darn thing framed properly. For four years it has been shuffled about, rolled up in its original shipping, and a topic of many conversations that started with "one day when we have more money..."

Well, Sam decided my birthday was the day. We went home after lunch to retrieve the poster but of course Sam was sneaky and wouldn't let me know what was going on. But I knew the minute we pulled up to a custom framing store what he had in mind. Such a wonderfully thoughtful gift! I'm not too surprised since Sam is really good at knowing just what I would want. Last year he installed a dishwasher in our kitchen (oh heaven) Anyways, back to the framed artwork... after hemming and hawing over frame options and mattes we found just the perfect combination. It only took a few weeks and we had this little beauty hanging on our wall rather then hidden away in some closet. Now all we need to do is purchase the rest of the collection ;)

Thanks for the wonderful birthday present Sam my love!!


Jessica said...

Welcome to the primary president club! It's been the hardest but definitely the most rewarding calling I've ever had.

Also, LOVE the poster. And, even though I've already said it on fb, congrats on the baby!

Heather R. Toone said...

The poster is really great. And it's nice you got it on your honeymoon- so it's a cool poster AND something to help you remember your honeymoon!