Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's a Fiesta!!!

We had quite the fiesta a couple weeks ago when I threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law Heather. I came up with this unorthodox baby shower theme and luckily she let me go wild and crazy.

  1. Invites: I was able to use my typography skills in designing the festive invitation. Then all it took was adding a little tissue paper fringe, a bow and stuffing it in a bright pink envelope.
  2. Banners: I fringed some tissue paper, added some embellishments and finished it off with matching tissue paper flowers at each end. Luckily there was a beautiful mantel to hang it on. I also created some small banners to hang about and add to the ambiance. (Had a little inspiration from Babble & Martha Stewart)
  3. General Decor: Thank heavens for bright, beautiful tissue paper. We created lots and lots of flowers and spheres to decorate anywhere and everywhere we could think of.
  4. Party Favors: No shower is complete without ridiculous over-the-top party favors. I found the idea to make my pinatas on a site called One Charming Party. They also doubled as decorations.
  5. Table Decor: My true inspiration for the entire theme came from a DIY on Hostess with the Mostess. Rather than potting my topiaries I put them in clear vases filled with limes. (I know, I am a genius)
  6. Food: What else do you eat but Cafe Rio salads, margarita ice cream drinks, and lemon bars. So yummy!!
None of this would have been possible without the help of Holland, Wendy, Evelyn, Marylou and I guess Heather since she and her little bun in the oven are the whole reason we had the party.

**Disclaimer: Heather is holding her niece Hadon in the third image, she has not had her baby yet, but we can't wait!**


gina said...

could you post a .doc file of your invite? Looks super cute & I'd love to use it!!!