Monday, September 12, 2011

Tangled Birthday

My niece for her 5th birthday requested that I make her a Tangled theme cake. I got really excited so I hopped on google and searched to see what wonderous creations other people had done, sad to say I was somewhat disappointed. Then I came across a cake that added the floating lanterns and it was like it all just clicked. Luckily the only toy my sister could find for the cake was Flynn and Rapunzel in the boat. Lanterns + boat scene.... perfection! My only regret was not putting the lantern reflections in the water. But I am pretty sure Caillean still loved it.

My favorite part is that she kind of reminds me of Rapunzel, her long blond hair with just a bit of curl on the end and she never stops moving. Sam and I even gave her a chameleon beanie baby so she could have her very own Pascal. Needless to say I may have enjoyed celebrating her birthday as much as she did.


Bmwgirl143 said...

I Absolutely love your cake!!! How did you make the lanterns??? My daughter is obsessed with Rapunzel! She would love this!