Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eggs + Dye + Children = Chaotic Fun

The smell of vinegar, the bright palette of colors each in its own separate container, the excited children surrounding the table ready to wreak havoc on what little sanity adults have. What a beautiful moment in time. Eggs will be dropped, colors will be mixed, spills will happen and yet the whole activity is enjoyable.

The big hit this year was the white/clear crayon. Much like the Ukrainian eggs (Pysanka) we added layers of color using a wax resist method. Nothing terribly impressive but my nephews thought I was amazing. Pictured above is the dragon I created for Bryant. Perhaps next year I will try the Pysanka, for now my handy little crayon will do just fine.


Georganne said...

I never thought about using the crayon to do pysanky style layering on eggs! That's brilliant. I will have try it next year.

Jeffrey said...

Very cute amber- I really want to do that even though Easter is past!

Heather R. Toone said...

Just in case if you wanted to know that last Jeff was Jeff my husband haha. he doesn't have a blog but apparently you can still comment if you have a google account. This is a way cute idea. You are such a good aunt.