Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Cookys

In the weeks since visiting Moab nothing terribly exciting has occured. Well I did have a birthday but that happens once a year so it really isn't exciting. To my delight the company I am interning with this summer gave me the day off with pay which is quite gracious. Sam and I spent the day indulging my love of shopping. We even dined at the same restaurant our first date took place. He is quite the romantic and spoils me whenever possible :] . Part of my gifts included a 1930's cooky press that his great grandma once surely used while wearing a little house wife apron waiting for the kids to return from school. Beside one fatigued part, the press was in mint condition including a camel cookie template which is quite delightful.

I couldn't help myself and made cookies the same night. It was as though I had fallen into an episode of Leave it to Beaver. That is until I started to call the cooky press (yes the recipe book quaintly spelled it "cooky") inappropriate names due to the malfunctioning handle. Of course after my half hour struggle to make everything work, much to my chagrin Sam figured out a solution in about 20 secs. The end result were some tasty lemon-lime cookies that wowed my family.


carla thorup said...

birthdays are always exciting, even though they come every year! i love the cooky press too... i was given a brand new one recently, but i think an old school one is even better. plus the idea of lemon/lime cookies sounds super yummy.

and happy birthday! they are always the best :)

Derek and Kimmie Walker said...

HApppy BiRthDAY!!

I have been wanting to comment on your birthday now 4 a while...Sorry for the late birthday Wish!