Tuesday, June 30, 2009


In the middle of June the Rimmasch family took a little trip down nostalgia lane. We all hopped in the SUVs and traveled down to Manti where we saw the Mormon Miracle Pageant rehearsal. (This was Kim & Marylou Rimmasch's first date) The entire time the rain poured down while the actors traversed the slippery hill.
Just a couple blocks away we stayed in a quaint bed & breakfast that is as almost as old as the city itself. Our room had fabulous wallpaper that looked like the walls were made of river rock.

Once we had our fill of Manti we traveled to the great land of Moab, my birthplace. Although there was much rain during the drive when we arrived in the city it was dry and the perfect temperature. We of course went to Arches where we had the chance to hike and see amazing natural formations.

It was a great trip and only gave us the desire to go to Moab on a frequent basis.