Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finally, wedding pictures.

The moment that everyone has been requesting is here. Amber and I have gone through all of our wedding pictures. Other than the ones we shall post here, you can find an assortment on our facebook pages. When all was done and said, we had over 9 gigs of pictures alone. We still haven't looked at the pictures that my sister and friend Sam Enderlee took either. That being said, one can understand why we didn't have our pictures posted before.


carla thorup said...

well... i lost my list, and i couldn't remember everyone's. and now you are back up.. but update, or i'll be upset. And matt says thanks for the compliment on the new banner. And we are jealous about the Halloween in disney land. We would be on a sugar rush the whole time.

oh. and woo for weddings!