Friday, May 9, 2014

Toddler Times

So we do have some renovations in the works but until we complete them you will all have to deal with more Lotte updates. I enjoy them but I might be prejudice or something.

Having fun in the backyard with her Easter eggs and crazy pattern mixed outfit.

It is still a triumph to get anything in her hair without her pulling it out instantly. This barrette lasted through a whole Baby Einstein episode. Soon after the show ended, it was discovered and hastily removed by her deft little hands.

She could read books all day long. This is one of the few times lately she has been happy to read them by herself. Often they are shoved in my face and then I hear "a please" so I read them...over and over and over again. But Not the Hippopotamus is one of her current favorites, wow does that phrase get old.

She could stay outdoors all day. Honestly that is not my thing but we go out as often as possible. Luckily we have a huge shade tree to keep us cool. She thought she was pretty cool sitting on the chair, not sure where that silly face came from.

I love the little quiet moments when she wants me to snuggle her or just be near her, especially if she is sleeping. She takes a lot of naps on this couch with me but I enjoy every minute, even when she does appear to be punching me in her sleep.

She loves to have fun just like her dad, always smiling and laughing. Taking a selfie is just that exciting. The best part is that her excitement and happiness is contagious. It's hard to be mad or sad with such a joyful spirit in your home.

There you go, just what you needed today, another dose of fun Lotte photos. I know I feel better.


Jeffrey said...

That's just what I needed! I love that picture where she is asleep next to you! So dang cute! I have the sweetest niece :)

Jeffrey said...

oh that was heather... but I'm sure Jeff shares my opinion :)