Thursday, December 12, 2013

A quick update

I know I want to be more consistent posting on the blog (Sam). I was feeling kind of down this morning on account of some bad news we got as a family. My dear Aunt Lucy, one of the kindest and most genuine woman of this world, has slipped into a coma - and is not expected to live. It was hard news to take right before going to sleep, and didn't seem any less potent after waking up. But every morning Lotte and I have a little ritual. We don't get to see each other until I'm out of the shower most mornings. I open the bathroom door and she realizes I'm there, she stops everything and puts on her biggest smile. Then, she'll crawl as fast as she can to me, I pick her up, and throw her into the air. We hug and I kiss her all over. Doing this today, has seemed much more special. It saddens me to think that Lotte won't get to know her Great Aunt Lucy. She won't be told stories from 60 plus years in the past. She will never get a kiss from one of the sweetest old German ladies around. And she'll never benefit from looking into those eyes with over 90 years of depth and knowledge. But, our last visit to see Aunt Lucy has been on my mind. She told us how she knew she was dying and that we shouldn't be sad. I could tell scenes from her life were passing through her mind as she watched Lotte crawl around on the floor and told us how it was going to be all right. That she had lived a wonderful live and was taking her leave to let others have their chance.

And that's what it comes down to, my daughter brings with her a new age - a new generation. And while the sadness will settle with the soon to come passing of Aunt Lucy, Lotte brings joy. I'm grateful for both the woman that Aunt Lucy was and the little baby girl that Lotte is.


Heather R. Toone said...

Loved that post. Very true. Thanks sam