Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Since Amber isn't adding any posts, I thought I would give a quick update. A couple of months ago I (I really should say we.) got involved with a business opportunity. It evolved into a company that Amber and I helped launch called EyeCamo. The website is still a work in progress, we had to take down some imaging due to which license we will decide to use. We also are waiting on product images, they'll be done tomorrow, so stay tuned. EyeCamo is a perforated decal meant for sunglasses, ski/snowboard visors, motorcycle helmets and windows for people to show their likes and personalities on the outside. We have a million ideas for application. Anyway, we landed accounts in the university bookstores this last week, as well as 9 Fanzz stores so far. We are working on a number of accounts but wont let any names slip until they are finalized. The Fanzz and university stores are a big deal for us, so we are pretty excited. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to help the cause.


Heather R. Toone said...

That's really cool. The website looks great. We will be watching out for them and tell you when we buy our own pair :) Then we will wear them to all of the sporting events!

Sam said...

Thanks Heather