Monday, July 4, 2011

Homemade Marshmallows

While combing the internet for interesting dessert recipes to try I came across a recipe for Raspberry Lemonade Marshmallows. They sounded delish but a little daunting... making marshmallows... people do that?

I borrowed a candy thermometer from my wonderful mother-in-law and jumped in with both feet. All I had on hand were frozen marionberries but I thought they would be a tasty raspberry substitute. Had to buy some unflavored gelatin (not cheap). Besides those two ingredients everything else were common ingredients.

Day 1: Created marionberry puree
Day 2: Whipped up marshmallows/Cooled mixture overnight
Day 3: Cut apart the little pink clouds of delight

Sadly my attempt turned out a little stickier than the recipe mentioned. This was due to a fiasco with a candy thermometer and a pot that was WAY too small for making candy (use a tall pot). Despite the stickiness the marshmallows are quite delightful and have a wonderful sweetness with a puckery undertone.