Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have a very logical organized mother who doesn't profess to have artistic capabilities. She can make a mean batch of cookies or rolls that are as addicting as heroine, ask her to be in charge of an event and you need not worry about anything. She is Wonder Woman! I have a few of her qualities, but my overriding talents lie in the creative world of art.

Recently she and I started a major undertaking. We are going to take all the old negatives/slides she has, make them into digital copies and organize them. My dad was BIG into photography so this is no small goal.

While looking through these photos I realized where my artistic capabilities originated, they came from my dad. I only was able to spend 10 years with my dad but seeing the pictures makes me feel like some part of him is living on in me. So here is a small selection of photos from my dad's expansive collection.


Georganne said...

These are some stunning photos! (And a super adorable one of little you!) You guys have started a MAJOR project! Good luck with that. I'm sure it will be a challenge and a joy.

Heather R. Toone said...

Wow that's really cool amber, I like seeing where you artistic side comes from. Beautiful pictures

Brenda Sue said...

Beautiful pictures!! HOw are you getting the negatives and slides digital?

Yamber said...

Georganne - Of course I had to get a cute picture of little me into the mix. :)

Heather - Thanks!

Brenda - Sam's Club photo can turn the negatives digital for a low price.