Monday, March 14, 2011

Heart Day

I know Valentines day happened about a month ago but I never seem to get the chance to update my blog on a frequent basis. So here it is–an entry about that day of the year when the world falls in love.

I will be the first to admit that February 14th is not my favorite but this year since we said we wouldn't spend any money I had to come up with something creative. I had plenty of paper in festive colors and plenty of reasons why I love Sam. So I cut out what felt like hundreds of hearts each with a reason why I love my Sam and plastered the house with them. Sam liked them so much we left them up til just a few days ago.

That same lovey dovey day my wonderful mother-in-law Marylou invited all the girls to come over and dip goodies in chocolate. There were plenty of traditional items including cinnamon lips (YUM) but my new favorite thing to dip in chocolate.... grapes. Somehow a bit of chocolate and caramel make grapes into something divine. Trust me, they were delicious! Besides all the tasty food it was great to hang out with the "Rimmasch" girls. (sadly Heather couldn't make it)

My favorite part of the whole holiday was the surprise homemade card that Sam created from my scrapbook papers, inside he wrote a lovely note in Portuguese. I can't read Portuguese but I am pretty sure it said he loves me. I certainly love him!


Heather R. Toone said...

Hey I'm so glad that you are going to be posting more, now I can keep up better. I will definitely going to follow! I'm so glad that Sam found you, you are such a good wife!