Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall Update

To start fall off our niece Caillean and nephew Bryant turned a year older. Sadly Bryant and fam recently moved to Nevada. To send my birthday wishes I created a card with his favorite cartoon characters... Phineas & Ferb. I have to admit it is a pretty funny kids show. Here is the result of my obsessive creative efforts. (yes I cut out each and every piece of this puzzle)

For Halloween we spent the day celebrating Bryant's baptism. He even asked Sam to give a little talk about baptism, so cute. After all the spiritual and family fun of the morning we carved pumpkins. I found a little inspiration and carved an homage to Tim Burton's beloved Jack Skellington.

To top off the fall fun we had YW in Excellence this week. Our theme was "Daughter of a King" so the night was full of princess-y goodness. I made 50 cupcakes and after an extensive search for the perfect princess toppers I had to make my own. Thank heavens for glittery foam stickers and Robert's Crafts perpetual 40% off coupon.


Anonymous said...

Way to be crafty Amber! I like it all!