Sunday, October 3, 2010

A little creative change...

After what seems like an eternity of no motivation to design for myself I finally did it. The new header featured on our blog is an homage to my love of typography. I'm not quite sure I'm finished with it yet but at least for now we have the whole family accounted for including Chief and London our spoiled "children."
So this week we are taking our pups to a new grooming place entitled "The Dogfather Groomery." The sign has an upright chihuahua dressed in a tux jacket, red bowtie and is sporting a little black mustache. Between the quirky name and the the equally amusing illustration we aren't really sure what to expect. Honestly I am hoping they come back with little bowties rather than the typical bandana around their necks. We'll cross our fingers and hope for the best.

PS we haven't been able to get the pics off our camera, we are working on a solution so that we can actually post something good in the future. Hence the fact that there is an image of a strange winking chihuahua.


carla thorup said...

sweet! i love typography.