Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let's update.

Since our last post we've :
1.) Bought a new car
2.) Re-arranged the furniture for the Christmas tree
3.) Got in the Christmas Spirit
4.) Added subtle changes to the blog, including Google Voice.

Unfortunately the Saab had some problems this last week. It only has 74k miles on it and the transmission had some problems on my way (Sam) to work. Instead of hassling with it, we bought a new car. We'll get the Saab fixed in a bit and decide who will drive what car. Amber will probably take the Saab for the automatic, heated seats, and LCD screen.
Our house is cozy, but fits us well. Everything has been redone to the structure: new electrical, plumbing, roof, floors, paint. The problem is the layout. Our 1600 square feet is spread between our ground floor and the basement. The basement has a large room that is bigger than our front room and kitchen combined, one unfinished bedroom/storage room, and a laundry room (that also contains our furnace, water heater, and water softener.). This means we have limited options in our furniture. Like so:

The tree

Here are some other miscellaneous items around the house.


carla thorup said...

woot woot for new cars! and cozy houses!

christmas party with the buddies?

Sam said...


Derek and Kimmie Walker said...

You guys are too cute, and your home together is so cute and way cozy!! Way to go with all the fun Christmas decorations and CONGTRATS on the nice new car =)