Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We don't update the blog often because we think we don't have much worth saying... or reporting. We went to Seattle three weeks ago. I had to go for an ECS conference, and decided to bring Amber along.

Restaurant that Tom Hanks eats at in Sleepless in Seattle.

We had some good seafood and some not so good seafood (Crab Cracker). <--- Don't go there.

It was really pretty on the way up, we drove all night.


We went to the Aquarium.

Saw the sea otters.

And some sea life.

Searched for architectural details.

And went to Pikes Market.

All in all, it was a fun experience.

When we got home the dogs were looking really shaggy and we couldn't get them groomed for weeks (One can't groom their dog after a neuter/spay for fear of infection and exposure to other dogs).

The pictures aren't that great, they're from my iPhone.

After all this, we went to the happiest place on Earth!

The firework show was good, as always.

We went for a whole week, it was great.

New Orleans Square.

I bought Amber some Mickey-shaped earings.

Amber loved this flower arrangement.


It's been a good last month. We've seen and done a lot. But we're happy to be home with the pups. It was pretty hard for them (and us) to be gone for so much time.


carla thorup said...

we've always wanted to go to Seattle... looks fun!

Derek and Kimmie Walker said...

you guys look soooo cute...and look like you guys have had lots of fun =)