Saturday, January 17, 2009

Family Room Make Over.

Indy on our couch this morning.

So, when we bought our new sectional (picture above), we didn't notice that one side was lower than the other. Basically it's broken. On our list of tasks we hadn't gotten around to replacing it - until now.
Here is one of our two new chairs. The puppies love them. Yesterday when we first got them home Cheif jumped up and instantly took a nap. The couches came with little pillows. And the following pictures are what I got Amber for Christmas to match the chairs.


In addition to the pillows and the chairs, we put up some curtains that match.
Cheif and London love to perch on top of the couch.
Now, we just have to put some more pictures up, get a new couch next week, and choose a carpet to be bound for our rug.
... Which we already have samples of....