Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So, ladies and gents. I'm using a mac willingly for the first time since I was forced to in the 6th grade. I went to Horrace Mann Elemntary in Redmond Washington, where they had macs with color screens. Shocking, I know. 

The reason is this: I'm getting a new job with a company called Elevate (P.s. I will not be leaving ECS). And they use only macs. My dad, is the new CEO, and he got a new Imac and a new MacBook Pro (from the company).  That meant that I had to set them up and get him and my mom running. So, since then I've had to use them here and there.... And ... I'm not minding it. I know, I know. What am I thinking? Well, for one, they do use Pc chipsets now. They're just PCs with Mac OSX. I have to argue that the user interface is pretty neat and functional. On the other hand, if I build a Pc with the same amount of money it costs to buy a new MacBook Pro ($2,799.00) I would have one incredible Pc, that would blow all of these macs out of the proverbial field, if you will. And I know that you will.  
In real news, Amber is pregnant!  No, not really. I just wanted to have something awesome to say. 
Yesterday I met with New York Life, to look at our options with a Roth IRA or a Roth 401K. It was interesting, but not very educational. They babbled on about this and that, trying to push me into a life insurance plan. Until the very end, we got down the the nitty gritty.  Just for being young, they thought I didn't know anything. Irritating. But it was good to see what's out there besides First Western Advisor. 


Eric and Michelle said...

Way to get me with "Amber is pregnant"...

carla thorup said...

matt would be so proud :)
nice blog changes as well.

Sam said...

Thanks. We liked the retro look.