Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I love the snow! I love wearing my snow clothes and using my scarves. Also, this year, we had a pleasant addition to this winter season. This morning was the first time that our puppies had seen or played in snow. It was the most awesome thing. I took some pictures when I took them out the second time.

London jumping up the stairs to try and get inside to escape the cold.

Chief staring me down, debating whether or not to come to my calls.

London running in the snow.

The funniest part of the whole thing was that every time they stepped, snow would be kicked into the air - as the snow flew in front of them they tried to run faster and bite the snow. Faster and faster they went around the yard. It was really fun to watch them play in the snow.

Unfortunately, they don't like to go pee outside, so they had a lot of accidents today.


carla thorup said...

cute. it doesn't make me (carla) want one (or two for that matter), but they are quite cute in the snow.

Sam said...

Aren't they? They really aren't that bad. One does kind of tire of cleaning up "accidents" (they peed on my hiking pack, I think they were getting back at me for chastising them earlier in the day.) I think having kids will be similar.

faith said...

very fun, sam. don't ask me how i found your blog. i don't think i really remember. glad you're doing well!